Due Diligence

Turbine Due Diligence

Turbine Due Diligence examines – for example for potential licensees or for potential locations and framework conditions, both onshore and offshore – which turbine concept or turbine is most suitable. The wind turbines may still be in the development or prototype stage.

Project (Technical) Due Diligence

In technical due diligence, wind farms are thoroughly examined from a technical perspective in preparation for a purchase decision.

Building permit

It is checked whether a permit is available, which operating restrictions apply (e.g. noise, bats, ice build-up, etc.) and any associated risks regarding reduced yields are pointed out. The relevant expert opinions are reviewed and compared with the corresponding provisions of the permit. These include in particular 

  • Sound report
  • Shadow report
  • Turbulence report
  • Soil report

Regional plan

Furthermore, the regional plan belonging to the site is checked, e.g. with regard to admissibility or possible dangers of expansion of neighbour wind farms.

Power supply/Grid connection

The electrotechnical infrastructure is checked (park internal / external cabling, transfer point, substation, etc.) All relevant contracts / correspondence are viewed and evaluated. This includes in particular, if available:

  • Feed-in commitment or grid connection and connection usage contract
  • Contract on joint use of a transformer station belonging to the wind farm / pooling agreement
  • Infrastructure usage contract
  • Billing contract for the supply of electrical energy

Technical contract review

All relevant contracts including annexes are reviewed and evaluated with a focus on the subject matter of the contracts, delivery conditions, guarantees, special agreements, etc. This includes in particular, if available:

  • General contractor or project development contract and subcontracts
  • Construction schedule, if applicable
  • Construction progress reports, if applicable
  • Purchase contract wind turbines
  • Maintenance agreement
  • Technical management contract
  • Commercial management contract
  • Insurance contracts

Site visit

A site visit is carried out to gain an overall impression of the project (e.g. existing and potential neighboring wind farms, access roads, grid connection, etc.)

For existing parks, a random inspection of wind turbines is carried out in order to be able to give a technical assessment of the condition of the turbines.

In addition, the grid connection point (transfer station or substation) is inspected if access is possible.

Manufacturer evaluation

The turbine manufacturer is presented and evaluated. Furthermore, the technology of the turbine type is explained and operating experiences with the turbine type are discussed.

Problems with the turbine type and accumulations of damage as well as recommendations for handling them are shown.

Yield assessment

Optionally we offer the evaluation of yield reports.